4 Ways Small Businesses Can Compete With The Big Guys

Make it personal
One of the main advantages small businesses have over the big guys in their ability to create personal relationships with their clients. With a small client base, a business has the potential to take the time to truly offer a personalised service that is done to the highest standard. Customers don’t want to be just another number, they want to be valued – prove you have what it takes to offer them a positive experience with your team.

Team up
Not sure you have what it takes to get started on your own? Team up with another company in order to expand your offerings to clients.
For those in high competitive industries such as digital, teaming up with another company can provide you with a unique advantage. Take a website developer for example, while many businesses are eager to create the ideal website, they also need a lot of other extras to succeed online. Customers love all in one solutions and outsourcing provides smaller businesses an opportunity to step up and compete with other companies without the high costs or time required to hire new staff or master new techniques yourself. One example would be to outsource SEO. With many large companies offering this option, it’s easy to find SEO in Singapore that can cater to your needs without blowing your budget.

Get Social
After all, it’s not what you know…
Don’t wait until the day before the launch of your business, a promotion or special campaign to get onto social media. Social platforms are amazing tools when used correctly and can be a great way to boost exposure and market yourself to a larger audience effectively. Create an account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… any platform that suits your business. You can also start a blog to increase site traffic and provide shareable content to users.

Be prepared to put in the hard work The fact is, being one of the little guys means you are constantly going to have to push to get noticed and keep a solid customer base. It is possible – but certainly not for the light hearted. Be prepared for the amount of time and effort that is going to be required to see results. This will probably mean forgetting all about the 9 to 5 and accept that, at times, it may become 9 to whenever I manage to complete the next task and drag myself out the door.